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THM Recipes & Articles — 25 Comments

  1. Yes I love this thanx so much… I was searching the other blog earlier for a recipe lol well this is just perfect!!!!

    • Did you read my new post yet? I explained in that post that I was still working on the THM Recipes link. 🙂 My Pins are all correct on each individual post and the pins on the board I gave out has correct pins to each post. I’d go that route for now. Thanks!

  2. Oh I feel so bad I miss read your post I thought they were all fixed where I clicked omg I’m so sorry I found it and now understand what I’m doing!!!! You truly rock wish I could delete my comment lol hate to bother you lol YOU ROCK now going to drink your awesome shake thanx again so much!!!!

    • I wrote the article, but the recipe is there in the ezine. If you do pin it…it won’t stay. The ezine is replaced each month with a new ezine. They’ll be archived on the new website that will open up soon. I guess you may have to copy it down on a recipe card the old fashioned way!

  3. To comment on what I said above. There is a photo, but apparently Pinterest doesn’t see it. Haha! Anyway, I really would like to pin it.

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  5. Love your recipes, articles and encouragement!! I just received the Not-So Naughty Noodles. Loved them!! Are they an S, E or FP? Still a little confused on all that? Thanks for all you do!!

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