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  1. Hello! Anyone else have problems not wanting to use these sweeteners besides Stevia because they are not totally natural? I have read lots on Truvia that is not natural. Any thoughts? I did not want to post on beginners website. Not trying to stir anything up but I really think some of those are not the way to go. Thanks for any input you can give! Blessings!

    • Hi Amy! It’s honestly a personal decision each person has to make. I’ve done research and it doesn’t both me in the least to use Truvia. I figure it’s WAY better than the white sugar I’ve used all my life. Soon Pearl and Serene will have their own brand of THM Stevia for sale that is going to be top notch! I can’t wait!

  2. Hi there, i have just been loving your blog. Thanks for sharing! I wanted to sign up for the give away but I’m not sure how to do that. Could you please let me know?

  3. Hi Jen, Just read your victories! Happy for you! Was browsing on your blog and the gift give away I’m assuming are some your favorite items? Just curious about the Lindt excellence 85% cocoa. Why do you like it so much and where do you buy it? Thanks Cheryl


  4. Hi Jen- my biggest non scale victory has been being able to sleep with out getting heartburn. It is a wonderful accomplishment!

  5. Jen,
    I work in Cleveland at University Hospital, I’m so sorry that the old man felt like he had to shun you, shame on him. I praise God for your commitment to Him, I wish I could give you a big hug! Thank you for your testimony!
    Glad your husband is doing good!!!!
    God Bless,

  6. Jennifer – I know you’ve mentioned Lily’s chocolate before. Which flavors do you prefer? Recommend? There is one with almond and one with coconut. Are those THM friendly?

    • Hi Karen! Yes, they are all great! I like the Original but, I love the Coconut and Almond as well. The Salted Carmel is good too. I’ve tried a few and like them a lot! The Coconut is not at all overpowering either!

  7. Hi Jen,
    My name is Sandra and I was looking for a ‘made to crave’ bible study and your website came up. i wasn’t sure if it meant that you lead one or not so could you please clarify. And I wasn’t even sure if you were in my area. I live in the Pickerington Reynoldsburg area but am a desperate woman so am willing to drive:-) !!! Thanks so much.


    • I’ve gotten many things at Kroger. 🙂 I don’t do much of my shopping in Findlay elsewhere. I find a great deal on flax meal/flour at Sam’s club. Amish country is a great spot too…amish/mennonite bulk stores!

  8. I am having a terrible time baking with the sweet blend. Apple pie muffins called for 2/3 cup Truvia. I used 1/3 cup THM sweet blend. The aftertaste is horrible. Do you know why this is happening? Thank you!

  9. Just getting started and LOVE peanut butter !! This would certainly be a plus in recipes and my sanity !! Haha I am still a little confused about a few things…but making my way as best I can for now. It is inspiring to know you have had such awesome success and been able to change your lifestyle for good. Thanks for sharing and congrats on two years of AMAZING !!

  10. I have a couple of friends whose lives have been changed by this lifestyle change. My weight has affected my health and it’s time to do something about it. Thank you so much for your consideration.

  11. I would Love to be able to experience the THM lifestyle. I am 50 with 2 young teen girls, I am obese and really want to set a good example for them by loosing weight and eating healthy. I have struggled for all of my life and am ready to make a life long change in my eating habits! Financially we have had 2 very rough years, as have had so many other people, but it has kept me from buying the book, So to be able to win one would be life changing. Thank you for this opportunity!! I was trying to leave this on the other page and it won’t let me, not sure why

  12. m very interested in the THM…. When I quit smoking 5 yrs ago I put on alot 90 lbs I have been trying to find a program that offer a new lifestyle change with my diet…I need to get healthy …I am a single mother and need to stay in my daughter life for many many more years…please consider me for your book give away…and I will definitely pay it forward and introduce a new program to my area. Thank u

  13. Hello Jen! God love you for sharing and having your website. I wondered if you would share your bread recipe you posted Monday. I want to make and keep on hand. I think you were the one who posted cranberry cinn bread? If not I still love all the other things you have shared.
    Amy P

  14. I have a question for you. I think it was your site that I saw the ratio for making your own sweetblend. If you have it, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me.

    Thank you.

  15. Hi Jennifer,

    What was the name of that book/ study you have mentioned before (I believe a bunch of you all were doing a book club on it)? Something about freedom from food addiction? (If I’m not mistaken) I’ve been searching through old posts but I can’t find it. Was thinking of checking out…. whatever it is! Thank you.

  16. Hi Jen,
    I am wondering if you have done any recipes in a pressure cooker? I received one for Christmas and I have found some recipes on pinterest but wondering if you have ever used one for THM recipes? I am not sure how to convert them. Thanks for your help! Love your blog and facebook pages!

  17. Jen I just placed a big THM order for about $218 from your affiliate link. I always want to let you know so you can be sure it gets credited!

  18. Hi, I somewhat read your struggle post, I can’t concentrate on lengthy articles very well but a few things caught my eye, you having psoriasis because I have it too! I feel tired and sad almost everyday and sometimes going anywhere is like a big drama movie. I saw that you have given up Gluten, Sugar, Grains and Caffeine. I think I want to go cold turkey too. By the way I like your blog and keep up the encouraging post because you made it sound real and not fake!

  19. Hi, Jen, I have not written before so not a duplicate.

    Your web site is so encoraging. The recipes look delicious. I want to try the loaded spaghetti
    Squash dish but cannot open it. I do not do Pinterest orcFB. Is there another way?

    Also, how did you get started? It seems overwhelming to me.Thanks for your help. Looking forward to hear from you. With Jesus’ joy, Liz

  20. Hi Jen! I really enjoy your blog and I have a question, would you be willing to use a few of my simple THM recipes on your blog? I don’t have one of my own and Briana Thomas suggested you might be willing to post reader recipes. If you’re interested, that would be great!

  21. Strawberry Amaretto Cake~ Gluten Free, THM S recipe is not complete. If you look at line 6 and 7 in the printable section There is no oven temperature of time to bake

    Thank you

  22. Can you send me that video of that lady talking about hanging towels in the bathroom? I have tried looking for it, but I can seem to find the same one. It was great, and I want my 7 year old son to watch it. Thank you.

  23. Hi Jen, I’m wondering about your Baked Blueberry Oatmeal. Would it work ok to mix it up the night before and then pop it in the oven the next morning? I won’t be available for breakfast but I thought my husband could do the honors in the morning when he and our visitors were about ready to eat. Thanks for your help. Nina

  24. I just tried making the brownie recipe. I used Pyure instead of THM Gentle Sweet using the conversion chart for the amount. I also used butter instead of olive oil. I used between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of cold coffee. I baked it for 29 minutes. I realize variations in ovens! The brownies smelled delicious but when I went to cut them and removed from pan, they crumbled. Any suggestions or reasons why this may happen? Over baking?

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