Blogger Test Kitchen Giveaway- Blog Hop!

I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season!  I feel extremely blessed to be apart of this fun giveaway.  I hope these favorite things of mine will come in handy for one of my THM buddies.  If you stumbled upon … Continue reading

Almond Cream Cheese Coffee Cake (S)

I adore coffee cake and I also happen to dream about cheesecake.  Why not mix to the two together to make my heart even happier?!  This accidental collision makes for a dreamy breakfast or dessert with a hot cup of … Continue reading

THM Man Challenge Testimonies

For the month of July, we did a Trim Healthy Man 31 Day Challenge.  We had no idea if anyone would participate or if we’d just be out here doing this on our own.  We were thankful that over 30 … Continue reading

Very Cherry Shake (E)

I love cherries.  I love vanilla cherry ice-cream.  While I patiently wait on Briana to come up with a Cherry Vanilla Ice cream recipe for me, I made myself a shake.  Cherries are a bit higher in carbs and their … Continue reading

Shan’s 2nd Week on THM (with menu)

Shan has just finished week 2 of his Trim Healthy Daddy journey.  I’m so proud of him.  Not a cheat in the books.  He is noticing increased energy as he’s gotten off the sugar and pop as well.  Big win! … Continue reading

Cottage Banana Whip (E)

One combo I can’t get enough of is banana and peanut butter!  This treat isn’t super low in carbs, but it’s not a sugar spiker either.  On the Trim Healthy Mama plan it’s considered an “E” for Energizing fueled meal. … Continue reading

Crepe Stack Cream Cake

I love cake!  Sugar free, grain free, gluten free cake is even better. (in my case) It’s not an easy task to find tasty, delicious treats to eat when you are trying to lose weight and control your sugar.  In … Continue reading

Mama’s Baking Mix (Grain and Gluten Free)

Baking with Trim Healthy Mama does come with a learning curve.  Baking low carb has a learning curve as well!  If you’ve baked with white flour your whole life, please be patient as your taste buds and the way you … Continue reading