Shan’s First Week on THM (menu included)

Shan just finished up his first week on Trim Healthy Mama!  I’m so proud of him for sticking with it.  Not one single cheat!  He gave up his beloved Coke and potato chips.  He did deal with quite a few headaches this past week, but pushed through it.  Detox is never fun for anyone. He really enjoys his “S” or Low Carb meals, but I did sneak in the “E” meals for breakfast here and there to make sure he wasn’t just low carbing it. Thankfully he enjoys oatmeal and sprouted bread from Aldi’s.



Here is his menu for the past week!  This includes eating out on the weekend which is often normal for us as we are on the go.  I’m not trying to show you a copy of what you should do, but just to keep accountable and to let you see that anyone can do it.


Wednesday, June 1st- Day 1

  • Breakfast:  4 eggs, 2 strips of bacon and sausage (S)
  • Lunch:  two burger patties with slivered onion, sugar free ketchup, mayo, mustard. Small side salad with Bolthouse Parmesan dressing and sliced cucumbers. (S)
  • Dinner: Full Chicken Caesar salad at Panera bread and a cup of French Onion soup with NO bread.  He added parmesan cheese crisps to his soup and left many of the onions in his bowl. (S)

Thursday, June 2nd- Day 2 

  • Breakfast: Egg Whites Oatmeal (E)
  • Lunch: Sausage, onions and peppers.  Shan had some pork rinds and some cashews as I cooked. (S)
  • Dinner: Steak (8 oz), green beans cooked in butter with some bacon bits, veggie tray on the  table had baby tomatoes, celery, carrots, cheese, cucumbers.  He ate a bit of that as well with some ranch dip.

Friday, June 3rd- Day 3

  • Breakfast: Two pieces of Aldi’s on plan bread with probably closer to 2 tsp of butter instead of the normal 1 tsp. A little leeway since he’s a dude. A baby FP protein shake. (E)
  • Lunch:  Aldi’s Fit & Active Flax wrap, turkey, mozzarella, few thin slices of onion and tomato, mayo. Side of pork rinds and a few cashews. (S)
  • Supper: Grilled chicken chunks with ranch dressing and a side salad. (S)

Saturday, June 4th- Day 4

  • Breakfast: All bacon  (he made his own and left to mow the yard! Ha!) (S)
  • Lunch: Two burgers with toppings and some pork rinds. Busy day working on the farm. He wanted a fast lunch. No bun. (S)
  • Dinner:  Recipe coming soon.  It was a Beef and Chorizo Casserole. (S)

Sunday, June 5th- Day 5

  • Breakfast: McD’s on the run!  He had two bacon, egg and cheese biscuit meals with NO biscuits.  Sounds funny, but that’s what we get.  (S)
  • Lunch: Mexican salads with chicken breast, veggies and ranch.  We split an order of baked chicken wings. (S)
  • Dinner: Pizza Casserole (S)

Monday, June 6th- Day 6

  • Breakfast: bacon, eggs, cheese (S)
  • Lunch: Turkey chopped salad with ranch at Subway. (S)
  • Dinner: Mexican Fajitas (beef, chicken and chorizo), some onions and peppers, salsa and cheese.  No tortillas. (S)

Tuesday, June 7th- Day 7

  • Breakfast: Bowl of oatmeal, added 1 tsp of butter, a side of a few pieces of watermelon.  (E)
  • Lunch: Fit & Active wrap with turkey lunch meat, mayo, a little tomato and two slices of provolone cheese. Almonds on the side. (S)
  • Dinner: Turkey tenderloin baked in the oven, broccoli cooked in butter and some cauli/veggie salad. (recipe coming soon) (S)

Some of Shan’s manly meals.

What I’m mainly trying to do is incorporate the foods Shan already loves into his week.  He had 3 “E” meals in his week, and as we go I’ll try to add another here and there.  He does enjoy the sprouted bread, so a sandwich for lunch won’t be too hard for him.  He loves his cheese, but he can make it without!  We also use a lot of real food and not many special ingredients.  That’s how we prefer to do things and especially how Shan likes to do the plan.  I use more special ingredients in my meals than he does.  My meals aren’t in this post and did differ at times from his.  I eat more E’s.  I do share them each day in the A Home With Purpose- THM Family Challenge Page on Facebook.  Feel free to join us there for daily updates and encouragement.

Shan finally weighed-in this morning and he has lost 6 pounds!  I’m very proud of him for sticking with it and for working on getting healthy!

Remember that in JULY we are doing the THM Man Challenge!  Details to come.  One guy will win a Grill! You can see more details in my original post on Shan’s weight loss story.  In August the THM Family Challenge. (Details to come.)

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Shan’s First Week on THM (menu included) — 20 Comments

  1. Congrats on no cheats! Just wondering if Shan doesn’t care for dessert, or if you are going cold turkey until the sugar detox is done? Desserts were a big part of me being able to stick to the plan. Great job!

  2. Just wondering if the Aldi Flax Wraps are ok for an S meal. I’ve been using the Mission Low Carb but need to make a special trip to Walart for them!

  3. Way to go! My hubby has been on plan with me since Feb. 1. He is down almost 30 pounds. Keep up the great work!

  4. Way to go! Are you not doing stevia for him? I read a post about your reactions to stevia. My husband is usually very lean but he has recently developed a belly and he has a horrible sweet tooth. He can’t do the on plan sweetners due to allergies. I have been doing thm for 2 1\2 years so it would be nice if I could find a way to break the sugar cycle in our house.

    • He is doing the stevia, but doesn’t love sweets so not too much. I took a break from it for two weeks but nothing happened. 🙁 Have you tried Just Like Sugar?

  5. My husband started Sunday. I think he will be very encouraged to read your husband’s story and know that other men are doing THM too. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. Thanks for sharing the menu! My husband and I are beginners and it gets over whelming and this helps!!

    • The names seem to change a lot!! Look at the first ingredient and make sure it’s Sprouted wheat flour. Simply Nature is the brand. There are often 2 or 3 varieties. “Knock Your Sprouts Off” is one of them. They are usually together in the same row. 🙂

  8. My hubby joined me about two months ago. He has not cheated once and has lost 34 pounds 😊 I am so very proud of him. We have lots of berries around for snacks and I try to make a cake or some kind of bars for treats. He usually has a Quest bar once a day too. It’s obviously working for him. We love Trim Healthy Mama and are so grateful for your recipes and help Jennifer!