$100 THM Gift Card Giveaway and Big News!

This contest is closed: The winner is….Amanda Piper!

I had put a fun teaser on my Blog Facebook page last week that I’m sure many of you saw.  Here’s the news I was dying to share…..a new Smokin’ Hot Group!


I can finally let the cat out of the bag!  A lovely group of my closest THM Blogging Buddies got together and started our own recipe sharing group called, THM Blogger Test Kitchen!  We all love the Trim Healthy Mama boards so much and we’ll continue to share on the boards as we do now, but we wanted to try something new.  The boards are often filled with THM related questions, testimonies, NSV’s, “is this on plan?” type stuff and it’s hard to see some of the great recipes that come through. So, these gals and I got together and devised our plan.  Who?

We have created a group that has all on plan, Tried and True THM Recipes…our recipes!  We have 30 albums dedicated to meal types + their Fuel Type. (we may add more!) This includes desserts, salads, shakes, sippers, allergen meals, breads, lunches, dinners, menu plans and many other categories.  They are well marked so that you can go right to an album and see beautiful pictures of great recipes with their link and their pin.  Here’s an example of three of the albums and what the covers will look like.


THM Blogger Test Kitchen-Tried and True Recipes on Pinterest!  Be sure to “Follow” this board if you want to keep track of our newest pins.  It will be an active spot for yummy recipes.

To give this new group a nice launch we are having 3 HUGE GIVEAWAYS!  We are giving away one, $100 THM Gift Certificate that you can use on their website for whatever THM goodies you may need or want to try.  You can enter at the bottom of my post! The second giveaway is login on in our group!  Check out this loot that is up for grabs to one of our group members….


Amazing right?!  You can see the terms on that page for entering. Then next week (March 29th or so) we will be giving away one MORE $100 THM Gift Certificate at Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen.  We are so excited about this group and these three fun giveaways!  So many of you have supported our websites, affiliate links and been such great cheerleaders for us that it’s the least we can do.


Below is the rafflecopter link to enter to win the first $100 THM Gift Certificate!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Over time we will certainly be adding more bloggers to our group.  We are not some elitist group of bloggers. Ha!  We started with this group because we’ve all known each other for a while now, been on plan for quite some time and continue to stick with it as time has passed.  We want to make sure the pictures, recipes and info we share is top notch and on plan!

Thanks for entering the giveaway and for considering the new group.  We hope you will love it like we do!



$100 THM Gift Card Giveaway and Big News! — 197 Comments

  1. This is wonderful! I can’t wait to see the recipes – especially divided into categories!

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  3. I asked to join your wonderful group.This is my 2nd day starting trim healthy mama.I wish I had the cookbook.My plan book is in the mail to me.

  4. Congratulations, I’m excited to see a lot of my favorite bloggers on one site. Thanks.

  5. Awesome! Thank you for a chance to win. Can not wait to try the recipes. Thank you , thank you

  6. This is so exciting!! Thank you for all your hard work. Looking forward to all those recipes.

  7. I am so excited about this new FB group! I like the idea of these recipes being so easy to find and tried and true! THANK YOU, Ladies, for all your hard work to help us on our THM journey!

  8. Love this! So many times recipes are hard to find, it will be so nice to have them in one spot! And,all my favorite thm bloggers too! What fun!

  9. This is great! I’m brand new to THM and can use all the recipes I can get. Thanks!

  10. I am so super excited about this idea! You gals just made THM even easier and more fun!

  11. I am new to THM, and I think this will be a good resource for me. Thank you!

  12. How exciting for all of us! Now I can go to your site for ideas! I was just thinking of what to serve for Easter…now, I have a place to start my search!
    Thanks to all of you for doing this for us!!!

  13. Starting on plan with my husband soon so this will help make it easier. Thank you for all your hard work ladies!

    • Use the rafflecopter link near the end to enter for the first gift certificate. For the goodies, it’s on the group page. 🙂 The second gift certificate will be given away next week!

  14. Yay!!!! This is exactly what I had dreamed of, but thought I would never see! THANK YOU sooooo much for doing this!

  15. This is great. I enjoy new recipes. Use to collect cookbooks until THM. Now you are going to let me collect recipes right here. Heart stop beating so fast. Lol. Thank you.

  16. I am waiting on my books to get here, trying to get in the mindset. Your announcement is wonderful timing for me! Thanks so much!

  17. Thank you for the all that you do for us THMers. Enjoying your new group already! 🙂

  18. Yay! I’m so excited! What I love most about THM is the variety of fun new (and revised 😉) recipes.

  19. Thank you for all the help and ideas to make this journey a success! It is the only thing that I have found that I truly enjoy and do not feel deprived!!

  20. What a great birthday gift this would be for me!! I was already following on pinterest as soon as I saw it go up, and I love love love your blog! Thanks for such a delightful and meaningful giveaway!
    Happy & Healthy Spring!!

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  22. Thanks for this great opportunity! Looking forward to it all! More recipes, more ideas, YEAH!!

  23. How fun! Into my second month and am loving it! Would love to win the gift card to get me some special THM goodies to help me on my journey!

  24. I’m excited to see yet another page of recipes. I’d love to be part of this group. I’m a recipe, cookbook collector. Just THM style now.

  25. I am so new to THM. What a blessing to have access to the tried and true! Thank you!

  26. This is amazing!! I love your blog and your Shepard’s pie is one of our family meals!!
    Thank you for all you do.

  27. So excited for a group to look at recipes! I’ve tried recipes from many of these bloggers! I do often miss them when posted in thm beginners group cause so much going on there and I have to limit my time. Anyway a big Thank You for a new group!

  28. You ladies rock! This will make it so much easier to search for specific recipes. Yeah!

  29. I would love to see more of these blogging gals recipes on the THM member site. Many of us now are using the menu builder and being able to search by ingredient across all the recipes is amazing. I don’t mind linking out for the actual directions, but searching blog after blog for a recipe by an ingredient I need to use up is overwhelming.

  30. I so love the idea of bloggers joining together to create a location for you’re shared knowledge to help us continue the THM JOURNEY!!!

  31. I will not be participating in this group. I don’t like the idea of a clique and it seems like a way to out newcomers. I see my favorite bloggers aren’t even included…..joyfilled eating, the fabulous wife, little blue house…ridiculous. Women are so petty.

    • You obviously don’t know me or the other girls in this group well at all then. We are anything but petty or cliquish. These are some gals that have known each other for years and put out trusted THM recipes. As I mention in my post, we’ll be adding more girls over time. This is only the beginning. If someone has spoken to you and is a blogger that is offended, please tell them to come to me, not to speak badly about me or our group to others. I’d rather do it that way than what’s been done here on my site. Thanks!

  32. so happy to see this new group joined immediately thanks bunches for doing this it will make it so much easier for me to make meals correctly

  33. This is such an awesome idea! I get so many of my recipes from many of these blogs. So grateful for the wonderful ladies that take the time to share their creations. Thank you!

  34. Love all you blogger girls with all your cool recipes to keep us trim and healthy, I just bought a few things at THM and need more, would be very cool to win.

  35. So excited for all the recipes… I know this is going to help out this new THM’R!!!

  36. I would love to win this gift card for Thm products My husband and I live on Soc.Sec. That is our only source of income. I am wheelchair bound and cannot walk. I am also a type 2 diabetic and am on 2 different kinds of insulin. One of the insulin’s cost 550.00 a month. So you see it would help to receive this gift card. God Bless You All.

  37. I’m very excited about this FB group!! I love all the bloggers and their recipes have been a blessing!! Thank you😊

  38. Can’t wait to see the recipes. Will save me so much time hunting for recipes to make.

  39. I am loving everyone’s comments and recipes, I am so glad we can share!!! Thank you I too am feeling blessed

  40. Excited to be on this THM journey with my husband. It’s exciting to be able to eat real food an yet lose weight.

  41. Oh, this is awesome. I have been on plan for a week tomorrow and this would greatly help me!!

  42. I love THM and I love all your recipes. I really love the new group with all the recipes.

  43. I am so excited about this! I have joined the Facebook group as well as followed on pinterest. My family is loving all the delicious recipes I am finding on many of these blogs!

  44. Exciting news! I love new recipes that taste good, but are still good for me. THM is helping so many!

  45. The new group sounds fun!
    What a generous gift of $100 for THM supplies!🌞🌻🌼🌞

  46. this is going to be game changing for me ! thanks for starting this awesome group !

    • On this post near the bottom is a Rafflecopter link. You click on that and follow what it says for the THM Gift Certificate. On the new group page, you’ll find the other giveaway.

  47. This will be a huge help for so many! Thank you for putting this together for all of trying to work Trim Healthy Mama

  48. So excited for this page! Everything that makes this journey user friendly and easier gets me excited!!! Thanks for contributing to the health and weight loss of so many women! You girls rock!

  49. What a wonderful idea! I love looking on pinterest for recipes that are THM approved. This will help my family even more.

  50. I love the concept behind this test kitchen group, I have been posting recipes for a few years to share with friends, and always joke that I made it in “Blondie’s Test Kitchen”. LOL You guys take in 10000 levels higher, and your are THM friendly 😀 <3