THM Buddies and the Raise the Roof 5K!

This past weekend was the Raise the Roof 5K in Hilliard, OH. Talk about perfect weather!  It was a beautiful day and a wonderful temperature for a race.  I’ll fill you in on some of the back story of our weekend and of the purpose of this race.

First of all the race was put together by Angel.  She’s the THM Buddy on the far left of the group shot.  She’s FAMOUS on my blog for the Rockin-Roll Cake and Angel’s Cake.  Yep, that’s her!  She’s one of my in-real-life THM friends and I love her to pieces.  The race was set up as a fundraiser for a sweet, young family at our church, Adam and Sarrah.  Adam and Sarrah saved up and bought what they thought would be their dream home.  They did it all the right way…inspections, etc, but the former owners did not disclose the mold issues that they knew were there.  (sale by owner) As they started to remodel their home a little at a time, the underlying issue was uncovered..MOLD.  Not just any mold, but toxic mold. During this time Sarrah became ill. Then the kids started having symptoms as well. They knew something was very wrong.  Tests were done and they evacuated the house immediately.  They lived with some friends for a while, but now live on their property in a camper.

The Bates need to rebuild their home.  They are moving through the proper steps with the bank, etc to do so.  The next step is to tear down their existing home.  Yes, it is that bad.  Here is a video you can watch to “meet” the Bates and to learn more about their story.  My prayer is that the body of Christ from all over the world will come together and support this dear family.  Please feel free to share their Go Fund Me account on social media or at your church.  Share this post if you want…just get the news out!

When the race was being planned, I knew we would support our friends and do all we could to get others to come!  I put out the call to my THM sisters and some of you were sweet enough to come.  I had a great time painting my tshirt and gluing feathers to my hat.  My family wasn’t so sure about walking with me….

DSC_0294First off, we had a tough time getting to the race.  We came to town the night before to get a hotel so we could stay nearby.  After 3 hours of searching….EVERY HOTEL within 50 miles of Columbus, OH was FULL.  NO JOKE.  We were shocked.  By 11 p.m. we had friends praying we’d find a place and they begged us just to come and stay with them.  At 1 a.m. we arrived at their house and slept in bunk beds and on the couch.  They are the BEST to be so kind to us.  After a few hours of sleep, we were up and still late to the gate.  We started the 5K about 22 minutes after it began and a few crazy runners had already crossed the finish line!

Titus, the littlest guy, ran ahead of us and did a great job running his first 5K at 40 minutes!  He walked the last one with us.

DSC_0345Noah and Shan stayed with me and pushed me to keep going.  I’ll be honest and say I tried to turn around multiple times, but they wouldn’t let me.  We were all going on about 2 or 3 hours of sleep and my body was not too happy with me.  It took us about one hour and 10 or so minutes to walk the 3 mile course.  My family stayed with me, despite the hat and kept me going.  My hubby may have even pulled me a few times.  Noah is the only kid I know who walks 5K’s in farm work boots. He walked ahead near the end to beat us!

DSC_0372Here we come!  Last place for sure, but I did NOT quit!  Praise God! The event photographer was gone.  The awards were already passed out, but hey…we did it!

DSC_0377Here are the THM gals that were there.  It was so much fun to meet a few gals for the first time and to chat THM.  Some were at the finish line to cheer us across and give me some THM hug.

DSC_0382I wish I’d have gotten a total, but there are many pounds lost in this picture!  Here are a few of the girls crossing the finish line too.  This is Kristen and her family getting ready to cross!  She’s lost about 65 pounds I believe she said and is coming up on her 1 year Trimaversary. Her hubby was great as well as he pushed the kiddos through the 5K!

DSC_0342This is Laney and Linda….Laney has lost over 100 pounds with THM!  She’s been an Admin buddy of mine for a while now and it was so neat to meet her in person.  (on the left, brown hair)  Linda is getting back on track and enjoyed bringing her daughter, Xena with her to walk. (in the middle) I think they are hooked now and looking for more races to walk in the near future.

DSC_0340Overall, this was a super fun day!  We were exhausted and sore, but it was all worth it to support our friends.  We’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Here is the Bates Go Fund Me Account if you’d like to contribute to their building fund.  We’d LOVE that more than anything!

Help the Bates Family Rebuild

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