What’s Your Favorite Blog?

Do you a favorite blog that knocks your socks off?  Do you have a spot you go for a pick me up?  Where do you head when you want some inspiration?  I know for me I enjoy many blogs but, … Continue reading

School Has Begun…in the “hood”

Shan and I homeschool our boys.  From the time Noah was born we knew God was convicting us to homeschool.  I love when school starts in town.  It means quiet in our neighborhood!  Noah can go out and play in the … Continue reading


I’m sitting here…I have alot to do really…but I am sitting here enjoying something rare…..QUIET.  Has the quiet ever been so loud that it’s strange?  I’m not used to silence at my house.  I have a son who loves to … Continue reading

Zoo Day and Neighbor Update

The boys and I headed to the Toledo Zoo yesterday with the Bingham’s..minus Jerry.  It was a much needed day away for all three of us!  I’ll post a couple pics of the kids and of us crazy moms!!  🙂  … Continue reading

My Anxious Heart

I was laying there in bed tonight and I just couldn’t sleep.  I opened up my laptop on the couch and decided read a few blogs.  I have been struggling with anxiety lately.  I’ve dealt with it in the past … Continue reading

Preview #2 Report!

Our second preview went great!!!  We had 20 new visitors on Sunday morning.  Praise the Lord!  We had three salvations!!!  That rocked!  We had 7 adults link in to our launch team!!! WHOOHOO!  It was a great day!!  God is … Continue reading

Come Back Event

We had an awesome Sunday with our LifePoint family.  We had an event called a comeback event for all those who visited LP’s first preview service.  We didn’t know what to expect…I was a little worried at 12:20 when it … Continue reading

You Can Choose!!

Yesterday I was reading a blog that gave a quote about happiness being a choice.  I studied the differences in the past between joy and happiness.  Joy comes from one source…that is Jesus Christ.  The world is always searching for … Continue reading