The Two Days You Can’t Forget in Foster Care

There are two days that you don’t forget when you are a foster parent.  The first is the day they arrive.  You know a few details ahead of time, but you don’t know a thousands things that come with a … Continue reading

I’m Not Loving My Kids Like I Should

I’m not loving my kids like I should.  I mean I love my children more than I thought it was possible to love another human being.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m talking about really loving them.  I’m missing … Continue reading

A Home With Purpose- Mama Chat

Hey gals!  I started a new Facebook Group for those of you who follow my blog.  This will allow for more interaction with you all.  The group is not just about Trim Healthy Mama, but of COURSE that is apart … Continue reading

What NOT to Post: Fake Pregnancy Announcements

April 1st is one day that I normally don’t look forward to.  I guess the answer could be to NOT get on Facebook for the day or social media.  Each year I see countless “pregnancy” announcements with clever captions, ultrasound … Continue reading

When Being at Church Hurts- Infertility

Some Sundays it’s hard to be at church. That may sound like a funny thing for me to say. Yes, I love Jesus very much. I love to worship Him and to be taught His word. I enjoy the fellowship … Continue reading

The Perfect Mom?

You already fully know that being a perfect mom is impossible! Should we try to do our best, yes. Some days our best looks much different than others. I often read mom blogs and sometimes I can get very discouraged! … Continue reading